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New Swimmer Assessments!

Posted by Langley Flippers Swim Club at Feb 21, 2019 9:01PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Are you still looking for a sport your child will fall in love with? Why not come and try the Langley Flippers Summer Swim Club! We are a competitive swim team and our motto is: fun, family, friends and self-improvement. Our season runs from May 1st through to the middle of August, and we have scheduled morning and afternoon practices and dry land training; we also have eight weekend swim meets scheduled across the Fraser Valley, from Langley to Hope!

I can hear you thinking… “That sounds like a lot”. It is and it isn’t. You and your family can commit to as much as you’re comfortable with.
Are the weekend swim meets mandatory? No. But they are encouraged. This is because swim meets provide swimmers the opportunity to experience their improvements, visual and physically, and they get to see how much stronger they have become from all their practices and dryland drills. How much parent involvement is there? Parents are expected to volunteer at swim meets, either by being a timer or recorder, a deck official or even the crash desk! And if every parent volunteered once, we would all have shorter shifts! As like all non-profit sport clubs, there wouldn’t be a club and events without the parents!!

Summer Swimming provides people of all ages an excellent source of exercise, and it’s a bonus that our club gets to run practices at an outdoor pool, being Al Anderson Memorial. After one season of being on a Summer Swim Club team, your child(ren) will return to school feeling strong, healthy, and confident, and they will have developed awesome friendships and made lasting memories and a funny bathing suit tan.
Come give Summer Swim Club a try! It’s fantastically fun, affordable and the whole family can participate.

Don’t know where to begin? Email any questions to our club registrar:

Want to join the Langley Flippers, but don’t know which group to register for? Click the New Swimmer Assessment button on our home screen and our registrar will schedule a date and time for you with one of our coaches.

Available New Swimmer Assessment dates: March 3 and 10 at 0800-0900.

March Madness Masters Swim Meet

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General Information
DATE – March 2, 2019
• Warm ups start at +- 12:00 PM
• Events start at +- 1:00 PM
• Estimated Finish +- 5:30 PM
• Maximum competitors = 150

• Chilliwack Leisure Landing Center, #1 – 9145 Corbould Street, Chilliwack BC. V2P 4A7 Phone: (604) 793-7946

• Competition will be held in an 8 lane 25m pool and a Colorado touch pad system will be used.
• Starts will be conducted from starting platforms (Blocks) as per FINA FR 2.3 AND SW 4.1 AND / OR from the Deck or Bulkhead as per CANADIAN FACILITY RULE CFR 2.3.1 AND/OR CSW 4.1.1 AND/OR In-Water Starts will be conducted per CANADIAN FACILITY RULE CFR 2.3.1 AND CSW 4.1.2
o NOTE: All 25 meter events will be started by a starting device and timed via stop watch.
• There will be no warm down pool space available while events are being swum.

• Entries must be received on or before Wednesday, February 27th, 2019. No deck entries will be accepted with the exception of relays. Relays will be entered as deck entries. Relay entries for event 3 & 4 must be received prior to the end of warm ups at the start of the swim meet. Relay entries for events 17 & 24 must be received prior to the start of event 13.

o There will be a 15 minute break between event 12 & 13

o Events will be seeded by Slowest to Fastest with men and women seeded together. “No times” will not be accepted.
o Maximum events per swimmer: 4 individual events, plus relays.
o Relays: No swimmer may swim more than once in any relay- you may swim either on the men’s, women’s or mixed team in any relay event.

o Entry fees $40.00 per person.
o Please use Club Assistant for online entries at the following link
o No refunds will be offered.
o If you are unwilling/unable to use online entry, please contact Larry Hine at
o Web Page:
Positive Check in
• Please check in at the registration table.

MSC rules and warm up procedures will apply (see below). Swim BC Technical Guide will be in effect.

• All Masters Swimmers registered with their Provincial, State or National M.S.O.

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Brent Hayden Swim Camp

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The Hope River Monsters are hosting a swim camp with Brent Hayden on March 17.

Registration Link:

Summer is around the corner!

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Are you looking for a new sport to try? Come get your feet wet with our trail membership.

Winter Maintenance

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Practice Schedule